Cru at UWM-Washington County

Cru is a group of students at the Washington County who strive to grow and learn together in Jesus Christ. Our mission is that each person on campus has the chance to know someone who truly loves and follows God. Join us!

Here are just a few ways that you can be involved with Cru at Washington County:


During the school year, students meet weekly to worship a great God, connect with real people, and learn from relevant messages. To find out more information about times and locations of weekly meetings you can follow us on our Facebook page.


Looking for a smaller group of people to connect with? Small groups are easily one of the most important things we do on campus. They provide an opportunity to get to know other people, experience real community, and talk about how the Bible relates to your life.

Feel free to stop in and check one out. Don’t worry if it’s already a few weeks into the semester; our small groups are designed for people to be able to jump in at any point.

We want you to come just as you are. Bring your questions, bring your struggles, you don’t even have to bring a Bible if you don’t have one. (We’ll have one for you.) It doesn’t matter what your background is: everyone is welcome. To find out more information about small groups happening on campus, follow us on our Facebook page.